Berel Alexander

Berel Alexander

Berel has shared his song: “More Than Friends”.  This new version of an older song of hisis a nod towards that mood music which has always been in his head.  It’s also gonna be included in a new movie about to drop titled, “Messina High”.


Berel Alexander is poised to be a breakout musical act.  A singer-songwriter of extraordinary depth, and a performer with charisma to captivate any crowd, Alexander has built a strong northern California fan base since the 2009 release of his debut album, Hooked.  His musical influences range from 1970’s soul and R&B, to folk giants like James Taylor, and all the way to modern neo-soul and hip-hop.  Berel has also been moving musically into a more electronic direction lately.

In 2010, he won the Malibu Music Awards “Unplugged” category for his catchy love song, “Started With A Handshake”.  Alexander has performed in New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, the eastern Sierras and most recently at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where he played a sold-out show with his vibe-y backing band, The Lowdown.


Visit Berel online


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