Bon swing!

Bon swing! (2)

Bon swing!

Bon swing! is made up of: Tom Tooley, Jesse Elias, Shao way wu

They have contributed their song: “I love You”  …a beautiful gypsy (Roma) standard. We just try to make it swing and sound as interesting and beautiful as we can…a very fun song.

Bon swing! has been a local gypsy swing ensemble since 2007… Since then they have played many great gigs from Yoshis with Merl Saunders of JGB, to all the wonderful venues in this area and many beautiful local weddings.  As jazz players first and foremost, the three had a wonderful time playing with Django Reinhardts Repitoir as it leaves a lot of open opportunity for chordal movement and interesting harmonies…the simple melodies of Djangos’ style are a thrill to keep in mind while playing ” his” musical repitoir…we have gigged as often as twice a week for many years now, until both Jesse and Shao ways’ recent moves….these tracks are almost all that is left to remind us of some of the great players that come from this remote area.

You can contact the band via email:

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