Calleaghn Kinnamon

Calleaghn Kinnamon (3)

Calleaghn Kinnamon

Calleaghn contributed her song: “When You’ve Been Dead” A song about life times within life times, second chances- that place when you realize you’re living a life that you never could’ve imagined, especially in the darkest days of your past. Guitar and Vocals by Calleaghn Kinnamon, Second Guitar and recording courtesy of Jeanne York, Tami Pallingston on Bass.

A seeker, creator and teacher from the wilds of Northern California, Calleaghn Kinnamon is currently traveling the continent, making it up as she goes:  “I’ve done it all! Well, I haven’t done Fado…. yet. I started out professionally with a top 40 dance band in my early twenties covering blues, rock, country and pop, but I’ve been writing and singing since I was a kid. I’ve got a degree in music, where I focused on voice (and viola), singing classical, art songs, and performing musical theatre- which I’ve continued to do off and on. I spent a few years with an Irish Session band, another couple with a trio doing traditional music from around the world. Started performing my own stuff about 20 years ago and that’s still where I find the most satisfaction, especially when I’ve got a band backing me up. I currently find myself interested in punk, grunge, folk rock, metal, etc. I’m drawn to the power I hear there, the assertion. My next incarnation with a band will be somewhere along those lines. Though you can still count on the quality of vocals, lyrics and emphasis on melody that are my thang. Blessings~ Let’s keep the music going!”

Connect with Calleaghn here:

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