Epik ft. Catalyst


Epik ft. Catalyst

Epik and Catalyst are: Rey Fonder & Grant Bryant

They have shared their song: “Salute Me”. They really wanted too stand out on this one, all lyrics are written by Catalyst. The track is dedicated to “C.P.”


Epik prefers to remain behind the scenes and let Catalyst take the limelight.  Catalyst was born and raised in Humboldt County.  He created the group Chemical Tune@ge about a year and a half a go and now has well over 30,000 views on his music. “It’s a small step in the right direction!” he says.  Graduating from high school a Valedictorian, Catalyst is twisting Hip Hop as we know it. Chemical Tune@ge was created by Catalyst as a means to grow his passion and collaborate with other artists.  Chemical Tune@ges’ new take on music is spreading rapidly throughout Northern California.  As a self made computer geek Catalysts’ talents reach from video production to just about anything electronic.  Adding electronic vibes to his music gives them a catchy and unforgettable vibe. He plans to build a large enough fan base to spread a message.  Other local talents are quickly jumping to join him in his mission to inspire. Catalyst says, “I’ve noticed a lot of people stuck in the same pattern; birth, school, job, death; that’s not my style.  It’s a viscous cycle to get out of.  Anyone with a dream and enough dedication can make it out of this rotation. I want too inspire others to take whatever talents they have and use them as an expression of their life. I use music. Think big, dream big, believe big, and the results will be bigger then you’ve ever imagined.”  Watch out for this local artist, he’s a force to be reckoned with.


A message from Grant to fellow artists:  “Welcome to the Chemical Tune@ge.  We are here to inspire and encourage Humboldt County to step up!  Artist, writers, directors, photographers, musicians, etc…If you have a talent, we want to help you.  Lets get Humboldt heard!  We are dreamers thinking outside of the box who see better for our lives.  We are dedicated and most of all we are determined.  If you feel this applies to you and are ready to get your talent seen or heard come check us out on Facebook and share what you got. Once talent is recognized, you can either produce or collaborate with other talents who are part of this creation. When the talented start working together we find great results. Don’t ever feel like you don’t deserved to be recognized…show us your skills and let’s work together to spread some inspiration.”


Visit Catalyst online

Watch Catalyst on YouTube

Listen to Catalyst on Soundcloud


*Get Your Copy of The Humboldt Music Project here*


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