Eric and Maia

Eric and Maia (2)

Eric & Maia

Eric Sorensen and Maia Ryan

Eric & Maia have shared their song: “Bottom of the River” Written and forgotten by Eric years ago, it was recently brought back to life by Maia. This is a live recording of the song and special thanks goes to Jared Livella from Livella Studios and Robert Barker for making it possible.


From opposite sides of the Country, Eric & Maia met due to a mutual love of free food and, of course, music. They have performed together for the last year with many different people under many different names, but here they come to you straightforwardly, Eric & Maia, lyrics & vocals, nylon & steel.


You can contact Eric & Maia via email:

*Get Your Copy of The Humboldt Music Project here*


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