iWon AKA DJ Touch

iWon aka DJ Touch (2)


Christopher Jonas Moore is iWon and Dj Touch of Deep Groove Society

iWon has shared his track: “Bobble Headed”.  “Bobble Headed” is a 140 bpm track written with the influence of Break Beat, Drum and Bass, and Dub Step..He brands it Break Step.  It’s a head rockin’, Raga influenced piece with an “Amen” drum loop, and a Wobble Bass Line to see it through.


As a Dj, Christopher can be easily recognized for his drive and passion behind the turntables. His attentiveness and connection to the crowd plus, a focus on smooth programming, is definitely a signature to his performances. Starting out as a Break Beat DJ, then working with, House, Drum and Bass, Downtempo/Ambient, and Bass Music of all kinds, Christopher has shown his versatility around town, and is also well know for playing a wide range of styles suitable for most any occasion. His professionalism has earned him the chance to share the stage with many widely respected Dj’s and Producers such as, Mark Farina, Simply Jeff, Stanton Warriors, Garth (Greyhound Records), Dutch, Blue Tech, Lost at Last, Miles Maeda, Doc Martin, Terry Mullen, Sen-Sei, Rob Paine, Freaky Chakra, Goldilox, Mr. Anand (from Moontribe), Rithma (OM Recordings), E.B.E, Arturo Garces, M3, Adnan and Amit Shoham (Tarantic Records) , Keneth Graham, Barry Weaver, John Hopkins, Brian and Trevor (from Moontribe), eDiT and Ooah of  the Glitch Mob, Vibe Squad, Bassex, Eliot Lipp, Zion I/ Minnesota, Sola Rosa, DJ SWAMP, and many others.

Christopher has been a participant and promoter of the Underground Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Scene on the West Coast since the early ’90s.  He started djing when he moved to Humboldt County in the Summer of 1999.  It was very apparent right away that this was to be no short lived hobby for Christopher.  Right away he met with a number of like minded folks, who together made it their purpose and goal to lift, from the ground up, the EDM Scene here in Humboldt.  Since day one, Christopher has given his heart, soul and his experiential knowledge to help evolve and grow, what is now an internationally recognized EDM scene here in Humboldt.

In the year 2000 Christopher banded together with a group of like-minded individual’s, who were also passionate about EDM and formed the well known group The Deep Groove Society.  With their common goals and interests intact Deep Groove Society has become a multi-dimensional community of music lovers. Deep Groove Society is a collective of people dedicated to the love of the music and the propagation of that love.  They are, in the deepest sense, a community.  Their common goal is to come together to share the gifts that we have all been blessed with, while providing environments laced with love, respect, rhythm, vision and higher forms of consciousness.  Deep Groove Society consists of a widely diverse combination of artists, including dj’s, producers, technicians, promoters, photographers and of course, dancers.  For the duration of the last 13 years they have produced and promoted shows all over Humboldt County including their very popular Sunday Night Club Dance Party, “Sundaze” @ the Jambalaya, and outdoor festivals such as “FireFall” and “SpringSoul”.

Christopher states, “Dancing has been used since the beginning of time for everything from celebrating life to making crops grow. We recognize the power in vibrations and dancing and we are doing everything we can as a collective community to spread the knowledge and emotions of this power. But we are nothing without YOU. To those of you who are out there dancing, smiling, laughing, thinking, nodding, playing, breathing to the music, or just simply listening.”


Visit him on Facebook as iWon

Listen to iWon on Mixcloud

Listen to iWon on Soundcloud



*Get Your Copy of The Humboldt Music Project here*


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