JD Jeffries

JD Jefferies

J.D. Jeffries

J.D. has contributed his song: “You Are The Lady”  It was written in 1999 one day before and for his wedding, about his wife Suzannne.  J.D. thanks Scott Hill who produced this cut and Anthony Mantova of 2 St Music for making him comfortable in his recording rooms and his fans and friends who support him. Accoustic guitar, bass guitar, lead guitar, lead and harmony vocals all by JD Jeffries.

JD Jeffries is a longtime guitarist, singer, songwriter who has played alongside or with many name musicians and bands of most genres in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sierra Foorhills and Humboldt areas since 1968. He has been singing and playing solo since 2006. The “Folksy” Jeffries plays countless covers and originals with a flare and obvious love for his songs with a smooth, likeable and personable delivery. He finished his first CD “Mixed Classics” in 2011. A pleasant mix of his various beloved classic covers genres. He is working on his new original CD the first of which is in this CD.

Anthony Mantova of 2 St. Music states,  “I’ve often had JD perform at our music store and he’s always a big hit with the audience. His experience and impressive stying add a pleasant complexity and character to his sound. He is sinplu worth seeing when you get the opportunity.”

“JD is experienced and knows what he wants.  He also put up with my idiosyncrasies, ideas and suggestions while staying open to them. A pleasure to work with.” -Scott Hill, Producer /engineer Rolling Fog Studios

Of the Humboldt Music Project J.D. says, “This is a wonderful opportunity for me to join in this useful selfless project and at the same time put out some tunes with my fellow musicians.”

You can connect with J.D. here:




*Get Your Copy of The Humboldt Music Project here*


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