Mike Lee

Mike Lee (2)

Mike Lee

Mike has shared his song: “Little Beggarman”.  An old Irish traditional, Mike has changed it into a reggae song. Local talent Ishi Dube was given free reign to use his signature patwa influenced voice to make it a roots/dub reggae song, although the Irish progression is still apparent. Galen Davis and Corey Winer add percussion and kit drumming and Brian Swislow laid down the keys. Mike says, “One of my favorite things to do musically is give talented artists such as these guys basic parameters as to what I am looking for and allow them to do what I never thought of to make it more awesome. As expected they delivered.”  Piet Dalmolen of Universal Balance Studios did all the monotonous work to make it sound amazing.


Mike Lee is a non-traditional Cellist trying to push the envelope while still making simple music people can simply enjoy. You may see him playing around town with Brian Swislow’s immortal Hip Hop Lounge or with Berel Alexander and his ensemble.


Check out his EP online

Mike Lee


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