sambAmore has shared their track: “Kiya Kiya”


If Samba is an declaration of a community saturated with music and dance, then sambAmore was born of the idea that we will all benefit as we dance more, play more, sing more, together, to better express our commonalities and our differences. The Yogoman himself has called them a “celebration exploration band”.


sambAmore was originally developed from a study group of community drum styles. They sought to explore music that people want to dance to.  They also sought the celebration and folk music of other regions. The music they play is influenced by many different cultures, timbres, and dance styles. From raw street music to heavily orchestrated arrangements, they have found themselves marching into any venue, playing their set and marching off the stage to join the crowd in an acoustic soup of harmony and rhythm. They hope to create a safe space on the dance floor, for anyone who feels the music they feel so fortunate to share.  Musical direction by Jesse Jonathon and dance direction by Andelain L. Roy.


Watch them in action on YouTube


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sambAmore (2)


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