UKEsperience UKEsperience (2)

Is made up of: Joe Koches, Jason Hodel, Dave Sandomeno, Rick DeVol, Harry Hulsizer

Ukesperience contributed their track: “Float Your Boat” written by Koches/Hodel

Ukesperience breaks tradition proving the ukulele is not just a toy:   Ukesperience was the only US mainland performers invited to the 2008 Waikoloa Ukulele Festival on the Big Island of Hawaii. In Spring of 2009, they had the opportunity to open for 101 year old, legendary jazz ukulele player Bill Tapia. Ukesperience has been featured on’s Radio playlist and’s episodes #302 and #219. “Float Your Boat” is featured on the Japanese compilation CD, Shout Baby Shout Vol 2.

Connect with them here:

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